Mission Team

Rule of Life 


"He emptied himself" and came into the world in poverty (Philippians 2:7). Like Jesus we will choose to embrace our poverties in life. Our hope is the person of Jesus Christ. The grace and mercy of God are our only true riches and we desire to share those riches with the lost and forgotten. We are committed to investing our personal gifts, finances, and lives to this mission.

Our Daily Life

Christ Centered 

Everything we do flows from a relationship with Christ through our rule of life. 

Driven to Mission 

We are driven to serve the forgotten in the inner-city.

Creator of Community 

We create community with teens, missionaries, and mission partners. 


We prioritize prayer in our daily life so we can do our jobs well through the graces that God gives us. 


We build each other up, ensuring that everyone feels cared for and heard. 


We aim to invite at least one new person into mission each day whether that is a new teen or new mission partner.


Anthony Tobin - Area Director
Anthony Tobin - Area Director

Anthony Tobin was born and raised in New York where his life was radically transformed by God through a youth minister who was willing to engage, fight for, and walk with inner-city youth. This led him to Franciscan University from where he graduated in 2007, and then to "Sweet Home (Mobile) Alabama" to do parish youth ministry at St. Ignatius for 12 years before starting up Vagabond in Mobile. As if it all was in preparation for the next step, he felt God tugging on his heart to seek out and serve the lost, poor, and at-risk youth in Mobile, AL to offer them the same message of hope that transformed his life. He and his wife, Sheena, have five amazing kids, he is still a die-hard Notre Dame, Giants, and Yankees fan, and is still hopeful that one day he will be able to posterize someone on the basketball court.           anthonyt@vagabondmissions.com

Lauren Alley - Team Lead
Lauren Alley - Team Lead
Anna Boucher - Missionary
Anna Boucher - Missionary

Lauren Alley was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. She headed East for college and graduated from Franciscan University in 2015 and, for reasons truly only known to God at the time, she moved South to Mobile, AL. She worked as a campus minister, theology teacher, and volleyball coach at McGill Toolen Catholic High School for six years before helping start up Vagabond in Mobile. Her whole life she has felt drawn to work in the inner-city and after the gift of years of adventures in the school setting she knew the Lord was ready to set that desire aflame. You can always find her with a cup of coffee in hand and begging her friends to go camping.          laurena@vagabondmissions.com

Anna is a third year missionary for the Mobile site. She was born and raised in Mobile. She attended St. Dominic School all the way through and is a graduate of McGill Toolen Class of 2018. She can't wait to share the joy and love that Christ has shown her in her hometown. Prior to hearing the call to be a missionary, Anna served in the United States Army for the air defense artillery operations. In her free time she enjoys being in the company of good friends and spending time outdoors.