Life of the Mission

Urban Underground

Our mission in Mobile is built around the conviction that community and relationship are the ways Christ encounters and transforms lives. At the heart of our ministry is our youth center - the Underground - a safe place for teens to come, to hang out, to be known, and to be loved. This is where we host weekly events, like Breakout, discipleship groups, and worship nights. There is always food, something to do, and someone to love on the teens. 


A night filled with fellowship while introducing the teens to the Underground and the Gospel.

Park Night 

Our team hosts a dinner in the park on Friday nights open to all the youth in the area. We cook a big meal or grill out and play some sort of game with the teens. 


A life-changing week or weekend that facilitates personal encounters with Christ.

Strickland Youth Center


We are grateful to be able to be present weekly at Strickland Youth Center, spending time with the teens there. On top of that, we get to put on a version of our regular youth night there once a month.  We engage the teens with a couple of planned games or contests and then we share a Gospel message. 

Another great opportunity we've had is being able to offer mentoring groups at LeFlore High School. Each Thursday morning we talk about cultivating virtue and character over a breakfast sandwich and juice box.